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Career Management for Tech Pros

At Engaged Pursuit, we help tech-sector professionals, leaders, and organizations navigate career events  and stay engaged along the way.

Engage for Success

We help individuals and teams align their strengths and values with their career experiences to create a more engaged workplace.

Our comprehensive services include:

  • Professional Story Development
    (Yep, think of this like your "Elevator Pitch")
  • Strategy and Planning
    (We’re talking about your early and/or mid-career roadmap.)
  • 1:1 Coaching
    (For dealing with manager relationships, team dynamics, performance reviews and all that good stuff.)
  • Path to Promotion
    (Let’s get real. It’s about more money!)
  • “Networking Help”
    (How do you talk to strangers?)
  • “Feeling Stuck”
    (Enough said.)
  • Event Prep
    (For that interview, big presentation, important meeting. Those things.)
  • Custom Workshops
    (For better employee engagement or workforce utilization.)
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Start with Your
Professional Story

Our work starts with creating your Engaged Pursuit Professional Story. It’s a proven process that works for individuals and teams alike.

You’ll learn how to translate all that usual stuff (experience, education, training, etc.) into a dynamic and authentic career story – one that guides you to the right next step, whether it be a job pivot or working through organizational change. You’ll begin to see yourself as the director of your own career and learn how to navigate the twists and turns along the way. It’s about getting to where you really want to be, whether you’re looking for the next big thing or you’re already part of something good. How good does that sound?

Meet Tom Perry

With two decades of corporate experience and career consulting, Engaged Pursuit founder Tom Perry knows what it takes to build a successful career and company in tech. With a real-world, relatable style, Tom gets to the heart of the matter to help tech pros, executives and teams create a plan for career change, work out workplace challenges, and navigate pivots, transitions and cultural shifts.

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Talk One-on-One with Tom Perry

Are you ready to create an intentional plan for success?

Schedule a complimentary 20-minute introductory session with Engaged Pursuit Founder Tom Perry to learn more about how we can help you unite personal fulfillment with professional advancement.

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Let's Engage

From career strategy and planning to custom workshops and events, our career management consulting services can help you and your teams succeed. Let’s plan a time to talk.

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