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Frequently Asked Questions

Who does Engaged Pursuit primarily work with?

Engaged Pursuit primarily works with professionals and organizations in the tech industry. Think Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Salesforce, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, Uber, Expedia, etc. Founder Tom Perry discovered that in this hyper-smart and hyper-competitive sector, there’s a big gap in navigating all the big and small career experiences. This big-time gap is leading to big-time disengagement. Engaged Pursuit was founded to fix this massive crisis.

So how does career consulting work?

Career consulting is a lot like personal training, but for your professional experience. You’ll identify your need(s), get an action-based plan, execute it with a partner by your side, get feedback along the way, and (eventually) see some results you can be really proud of. And like personal training, you get out what you put into the partnership, so get ready to break a sweat!

How is Engaged Pursuit different?

Engaged Pursuit founder Tom Perry knows navigating big and small career experiences is challenging. It’s more than just having your resume updated or LinkedIn profile optimized to perfection. It takes story-telling.  It takes relationship-building. It takes strategy-execution. It takes (sometimes) political-navigation. It takes hard-work. Bottom line – it takes heart.

How much does it cost?

This is an investment in you and/or your team. Working with Engaged Pursuit can help solve those tricky corporate experiences you may be tackling within your tech team. The products offered and services provided impact well into the future, too. And can you put a price-tag on that? To hear more about pricing, get in touch.

What if I’m just starting out and don’t have a ton of experiences and/or business results?

We get it. Not everyone has 10+ years’ experience. Heck, maybe you don’t have 10 minutes experience in tech. That’s ok. We’ve found that articulating your potential impact based on the complimentary work you have done previously can get you in the tech door. It’s a bunch of science and a whole-lotta art. Now, don’t get us wrong – it is a tough path … but it is possible. Check-out what our clients are saying.

What happens during the complimentary 20-min call with Tom?

Think of this like a virtual get-to-know-you time with founder Tom Perry (no prep required!). This is a chance for you to share what’s going on with you professionally and talk to Tom about his experiences and/or approach to his work. Of course, you’ll have time to ask questions to see if this partnership could work for you. Most conversations lead to formal proposals on how Engaged Pursuit can make an impact on your professional experience(s).

May I gift Engaged Pursuit career consulting packages?

Of course!  We’ve found working with a Career Consultant is the perfect gift for anyone experiencing disengagement on the tech job (or just looking for an outsider’s perspective).  Contact Tom directly if you’re interested in giving the gift of Engaged Pursuit.

What are professionals and organizations saying about the results they’ve seen through the work with Engaged Pursuit?

From C-Level executives to professionals just starting out, huge organizational offsites to individual team meetings, individuals and teams from around the country have great things to say about the results coming from the partnership with Engaged Pursuit. Check-out the latest quotes on our Testimonials Page.

What if I just want to talk to Tom about a single issue or want his perspective on something quick?

Need an independent perspective on something? Know an hour conversation will do the trick? No problem. Engaged Pursuit founder Tom Perry is available for a la carte dedicated one-on-one services virtually anytime. For more information, or to schedule your session, contact us.

Are there additional resources I can check out around the topic of career and/or how to make my tech career more successful?

We’re all about resources! Check out the Engaged Pursuit Podcast or sign-up for the Newsletter to get content delivered to your inbox regularly. If you’re looking for additional stuff, we have a bunch of Tom’s favorites – from more podcasts to books to apps. Check them out on our Resources Page.

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