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Engaged Pursuit was created to help individuals, leaders and organizations in tech navigate the big and small issues that come with most professional experiences. Unaddressed, these issues often lead to dissatisfaction, frustration and disappointment – and a serious engagement crisis for tech companies.

As a people leader and hiring manager, Tom Perry saw the crisis firsthand – and he set out to solve it. Tom knew that helping individuals and teams navigate the tricky stuff that comes with a professional career would have a huge impact on the employee engagement crisis currently hampering organizations across the globe. By providing strategies to navigate the big things and the everyday ones, Engaged Pursuit helps individuals and teams alike succeed long-term.

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Meet Engaged Pursuit Founder Tom Perry

With two decades of corporate experience and career consulting, Engaged Pursuit founder Tom Perry has held multiple roles at leading tech organizations. Tom knows what it takes to build a successful career in the tech industry, and the tools managers need to guide their teams to success.

Tom has built and managed global teams from scratch, interviewing thousands of candidates and hiring hundreds of full-time employees. He developed the Engaged Pursuit Professional Story framework to help individuals and organizations benefit from his insights and experiences, and address the massive employee engagement crisis.

With a real-world, relatable style, Tom gets to the heart of the matter to help tech pros, executives and teams create a plan for all the issues that come up in most careers – from job changes and workplace challenges, to bad bosses and feeling “stuck.” Based on the west coast tech hub, Tom is an avid runner and marathoner, cyclist and dog lover.

Our Guiding Principles

1. The high level of employee disengagement is a crisis for business, especially across the tech sector. The majority of professionals aren’t giving 100%, and in turn, companies can’t count on teams, they risk revenue and they can’t scale.

2. People crave help in everyday professional experiences. From understanding whether they're in the right role, to maintaining a positive relationship with a manager, to helping solve partner conflict, there’s no one out there addressing the events that easily tip employees into disengagement.

3. Career navigation is hard. It’s not a once- or twice-a-year thing. It takes constant, hard work and requires a ton of strategy and execution – and people to help along the way!

4. There's unique power within each professional. It’s determining that power, unleashing it and maximizing it that’s so critical.  We often lose that power when things go south, especially in huge tech organizations. No more!

5. Your Professional Story gives you the framework for telling others about all that you offer and what makes you stand out. It’s the solution to navigating the sometimes crazy professional experience. And for organizations, the Professional Story is key to understanding what makes your employees tick.

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