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Engaged Pursuit

The Engagement Crisis is Real

Over two-thirds of U.S. workers say they’re not engaged on the job. It’s even worse in the tech sector. Not cool. That means a lot of unhappy people, dysfunctional teams and unproductive companies. We lose interest, focus, drive – and become disengaged – when we’re in a role that no longer fits who we are professionally, when a manager relationship suddenly falls apart, when advancement doesn’t occur or when we simply start to feel “stuck.” And what happens? We move out or move on … or worse, we stick around hating our experience. Bottom line: No one wins.

What Do You Really Need to Succeed as a Tech Professional?

Strategies for helping tech professionals during these challenging experiences either fall short or don't exist. The self-help approach often lacks real-world practicality, and it’s easy to go down a rabbit hole searching for relevant answers on the web. Who knows if friends or co-workers can relate? (And in a super-competitive tech organization, visibility of a challenging professional situation is probably not ok). It’s hard to know where to look for guidance that’s up to date, real-world and reliable. And nothing online addresses the deeper question: What do tech professionals really need to succeed long-term?

Well, we’ve (finally) got the answer for you.
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It All Starts With
Your Story

The Engaged Pursuit Professional Story Method is the foundation of our work. You can think of it like creating your own personal “Elevator Pitch.” It’s a proven, systematic method that aligns your strengths and values with your professional experience to create an intentional and highly personalized definition of success.

The process is hands-on and 1:1, with an in-depth interview, homework, practice and plenty of coaching and guidance along the way. You’ll learn how to translate all that usual stuff (experience, education, training, etc.) into a dynamic and authentic Professional Story that gives you the confidence and clarity to answer the fundamental questions about who you are and where you’re headed. And it’s invaluable when you’re experiencing challenging situations that can lead to professional disengagement.

When you can tell your Professional Story in a way that resonates with others and connects you with the right opportunities, you’ll begin to see yourself as the director of your own tech career. You’ll have the confidence to navigate the twists and turns along the way, because you’ll know where you’re going. By now you might be thinking, “I could really use this to navigate all the craziness of the tech world!” Yes, you can. Your Professional Story becomes your North Star for navigating your career, whether you’re looking to land your first job, pursue a new position, or address challenges and change in the workplace.

Calling All Tech Professionals

We're all about helping tech sector professionals, leaders and organizations navigate corporate experiences.

  • Professional Story Development (Think: your personal elevator pitch.)
  • Strategy and Planning (We’re talking about your early and/or mid-career roadmap.)
  • 1:1 Coaching (For dealing with manager relationships, team dynamics, performance reviews and all that good stuff.)
  • Path to Promotion (Let’s get real. It’s about more money.)
  • Networking Guidance (How do you talk to strangers?)
  • “Feeling Stuck” (Enough said.)
  • Event Prep (For that interview, big presentation, important meeting. Those things.)
  • Custom Workshops (For better employee engagement or workforce utilization.)

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