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Engaged Pursuit
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What’s Up With Your Team?

Organizational issues are constantly getting in the way of impact, especially in tech. Org changes, project detours, product sunsets and challenging relationships often lead to disinterest and disengagement. Operating on all cylinders becomes the exception instead of the rule. Sound familiar? Organizations suffer, teams suffer and, just as importantly, so does your impact as a manager.

But when your team is fully engaged, your impact goes through the roof. Teams perform best when members trust one another and the company. Individuals come together when they have a shared goal and a team identity. And employees stay productive when they know they’re in the right role. It’s especially important in the highly competitive field of tech. When an employee sees their position as part of their own intentional career plan, they’re motivated, engaged and productive. That means you crush your goals – and then some.

We’re Talking to You: The Tech Manager

In customized, small group gatherings (think: during your regular team meetings), we lay the groundwork for team cohesion and productivity. Using the Engaged Pursuit Professional Story as our foundation, participants learn how to address everyday professional challenges with clarity and confidence. We’ve learned that when team members know how their position (and future) aligns with their own strengths and goals, they become more engaged and committed to their work, their team and the organization. And we promise you’ll benefit as a manager. How great does that sound?!

A people leader and hiring manager for more than 20 years, Tom Perry has worked in multiple roles in corporate tech, and he knows what it takes to be a successful organizational leader and guide teams to success (No corporate HR talk here!) Through informative and interactive workshops, Tom helps tech teams re-engage after a reorg, get excited to get back to work, and hit the ground running on new projects and initiatives.

Build a Foundation
for Success

We’ll customize a strategy to address your organization’s specific issues. From customized Professional Story/Career workshops, to dedicated 1:1 career coaching sessions to multi-month programs, we’ve done it all for tech organizations across the globe. Each engagement is tailored to your team’s size and your organization’s unique needs and goals. Bottom line: We’ll create a solution to address (and crush!) your specific needs as a team leader.

What to Expect

We’ve worked with hundreds of leaders across tech organizations to empower their teams, create cohesion, come together on new initiatives and work through those crazy, random issues no one could ever have predicted. When your team members have tools to address challenges and understand their value to the team and organization, you benefit from greater job satisfaction, increased retention, a boost to the bottom line, and improvement to your manager feedback scores. (We know how important those are!) It’s all about setting up your team (and you) for success.

We've Got Your Answers

Have questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQs page for more information and answers to commonly asked questions.

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