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What Does “Career”
Mean to You?

When people hear the word “Career,” they usually think about the big stuff. Things like landing a new job, getting a promotion, working through a re-org or re-bounding after a layoff. At Engaged Pursuit, we define Career as all that, plus the everyday things that need to be managed when you’re working as part of a team. Because it’s all part of your professional experience.

The thing is, that “everyday stuff” often gets overlooked – especially in tech organizations. Like how to have productive conversations with your manager. What to do when you’re feeling stuck. How to deal with a crappy co-worker. Or ways to shift out of a challenging situation without burning bridges or pissing people off. (We’re real like that.) We can help you through all of that! We help you navigate the big things as well as the everyday ones so you can stay engaged with your work and aligned with your career plan.

Let's Talk About Your Career in Tech

Our customized career management services are designed for new graduates, early and mid-career pros, and upper-level managers and execs in tech. We’ll start with a conversation to see if we’re a fit, then present a package that meets you where you’re at in your professional journey.

Our comprehensive services include:
  • Professional Story Development (Think: your personal elevator pitch.)
  • Strategy and Planning (We’re talking about your early and/or mid-career roadmap.)
  • 1:1 Coaching (For dealing with manager relationships, team dynamics, performance reviews and all that good stuff.)
  • Path to Promotion (Let’s get real. It’s about more money.)
  • Networking Guidance (How do you talk to strangers?)
  • “Feeling Stuck” (Enough said.)
  • Event Prep (For that interview, big presentation, important meeting. Those things.)
  • Custom Workshops (For better employee engagement or workforce utilization.)
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It All Starts With
Your Story

The Engaged Pursuit Professional Story Method is the foundation of our work. You can think of it like creating your own personal Elevator Pitch. It’s a proven, systematic method that aligns your strengths and values with your career plan to create an intentional definition of success. Then we build on that foundation with personalized, one-on-one guidance and coaching to help you plan for the big things and work through the here and now.

What to Expect

At Engaged Pursuit, we’ve helped thousands of individuals across the tech landscape land new jobs, get promoted and come through corporate re-orgs. But just as importantly, we’ve helped them develop new skills to address interpersonal challenges, increase their confidence, communicate their value, get out of feeling stuck and feel great about their career and the work they do. For us, that’s the very definition of success.

We’ve Got Your Answers

Have questions about how it all works? Check out our FAQs page for more information and answers to commonly asked questions.

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Let's Engage

From creating your professional story to building confidence and communication skills, our career management consulting services can help you succeed. Let’s plan a time to talk.

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