December 17, 2019

2019 Recap | 2020 Predictions

My three biggest take-aways from last year and predictions for 2020.

I want to start by saying thank you.

I’m super grateful for the relationships built over the past 12 months. Helping professionals and organizations tackle the employee engagement crisis through career clarity has been my focus each-and-every-day. It’s been amazing … and impactful. By subscribing (and reading) this blog, you were a part of this journey!

This year alone, I’ve helped hundreds of professionals and dozens of teams around the world find professional bliss. I’m proud of the results and look forward for more success in the future.

As we close 2019, I thought I’d spend some time reviewing my biggest insights from the year and give my biggest predictions for 2020. This is similar to the “What I’m Seeing Out There” posts you may have read over the past couple years. You’ll continue to get these real-world insights over the next 12 months, so keep checking that inbox for the latest/greatest.

Here’s my biggest insights from 2019:

  • Managers are struggling to add value to career conversations. I’m seeing lots of great intent around employee engagement/experience, but when the rubber-hits-the-road around how to add real value around career, most managers don’t know where to start. From basic recommendations (“Get a mentor”) to boring paths (“What about this similar role?”) to lack of interesting resources (“Have I asked you if you have a Mentor?”) conversations are falling flat for professionals. Unfortunately, there’s still a lack of dedicated, smart, modern, and impactful help from managers.
  • The interview process is still super-clunky. From horrible job descriptions, to recruiters who ghost candidates, to teams who don’t know to interview … my clients have seen it all in 2019. My take-aways for the year: (1) The process is going to take way longer than you think – usually 4-to-6 months (2) Money is going to come-up early in the conversation and (3) Prepare for the unexpected interview experience (video conferencing, panel discussions, story problems, strategy presentations, etc).
  • Networking is (still) King. I know, I know. You’ve heard this before. My take-way for the year: Networking happens all the time (not just when you’re looking for something new). I’ve worked with dozens of individuals and teams this year to build an engagement plan and practice key messages. Don’t forget - always have your “Professional Story” ready and be prepared to do all the work! The days of “keep your eyes open for me” are long gone!

Biggest Predictions for 2020:

  • Resumes + Linked-In will change. Modernization of both will occur in 2020. Short and sweet with (simple) results-orientated language will become the norm next year. Think about it – people around the world are constantly consuming information in short bursts, and I think the Resume and Linked-In will quickly follow. Customizing the resume to specific roles/organizations will be especially important for professionals looking to make a shift in 2020 but simplicity will be key.
  • Culture will be a big priority for organizations. You’ll continue to hear phrases like “Growth Mindset,” “Diversity & Inclusion,” and “Customer Obsessed” in 2020. People will be at the center of many teams next year. My recommendation (and what I’m talking to numerous companies about): Add career to the mix. Working with professionals to create a meaningful experience is the foundation to engagement and will only add to culture. Buzzwords are great, but employees have to feel good about their role to truly create a world-class culture.
  • New roles will be harder to come by (especially for those looking to change companies). As 2020 is an election year, it will be interesting to see how organizations approach new hiring next year. I’m already hearing of some groups experiencing “Hiring Freezes” and I wonder if that’s going to continue in 2020. My prediction – we will see new hiring continue through Q1, with a slowdown in Q2 and Q3+. My takeaway – if you’re looking to find something new, do it early next year & if you’re happy now, find ways to maximize this experience for the foreseeable future.

Coming-up next time: As you can imagine, January is a huge year for resolutions. Well, I’m here to help you! Starting January 1st, I’m sending DAILY best practices to maximize the first month of the new year. Don’t worry, these will be fun, easy, interesting, and achievable. And, of course, I’ll include my dad-joke humor throughout!

Here’s to 2020 and your Engaged Pursuit!

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