December 12, 2019

The Best Reads of 2019

You’ve waiting all year for this! Here are my favorite books of 2019!

Well, you made it (almost).

Your Netflix queue is ready for some couch time. Your holiday shopping is almost complete. You’ve had your fill of Peppermint Mocha’s. You’re already planning your resolutions for next year…

The end to 2019 is so close!

Similar to last year, I’m highlighting my favorite business (and non-business) reads for 2019. These books made an impact on my life over the past 12 months, and I think you’ll like them too. They are quick/easy reads (my favorite), self-help in nature (also my favorite) with lots of “ah-ha” moments. Perfect to get you ready for your Engaged Pursuit.

Here are my top 10 reads of 2019:

LeaderSHIFT, by John Maxwell. Being a strong leader is difficult – especially with change all around us. Whether you’re managing a team or leading your own Engaged Pursuit, this book gives awesome advice to achieve success.

Calm the F* Down, by Sarah Knight. I mean the title says it all, right? And, if you’re like me, you need to repeat this mantra almost daily (and even hourly). I love the simple strategies highlighted by the author – a great before bed read!

You Are Awesome, by Neil Pasricha. Just released last month, this is the first of my self-help loves for 2019. The messages are simple – you’re great, you can create your success, you got this, and go get ‘em! Perfect as you think about your 2020 resolutions!

Digital Minimalism, by Cal Newport. Those of you who have worked with me know about my obsession with this author. I LOVE his writing and his books around “Deep Work” and focus are some of my favorites. His latest is the same, with a title most of us aspire to live each-and-every-day.

Unf*ckology, by Amy Alkon. What’s up with my obsession with the “F” word in 2019?? Sorry Mom -haha! But the sub-title of this book says it all – “A field guide to living with guts and confidence.” Something we all need, especially for those searching for a better professional experience.

Everything is F*cked, by Mark Manson. OMG, here we go again!! Ok, promise this is the last…but the authors guide to on creating hope is spot-on (bet you didn’t think that would come from a title like this)! Another quick/easy/before bed kind of read to get you thinking about the glass being half-full.

Sell it like Serhant, by Ryan Serhant. You’re probably thinking, “First all these F’s and now a book from a Bravo reality start???” That’s right! This is actually a decent read, even if you’re not in sales. I really like his writing style, plus I think you can apply his thoughts around “Grit” in everyday life. Trust me!

Move, by Patty Azzarello. A couple years old, this book highlights the importance of just doing SOMETHING to move forward. Even the little stuff counts. What’s that phrase “don’t let perfect get in the way of the good”??? This is a perfect read highlighting just that!

Lead Yourself First, by Raymond Kethledge and Michael Erwin. In our go-go-go world, it’s almost impossible to get “me time.” Well, both authors discuss the importance of solitude, especially for clarity of path or leadership success. Combine this book and daily meditation? You’ll be set!

It Doesn’t have to be Crazy at Work, by Jason Fried and David Heinemeier Hasson. I read this book in an afternoon. Super inspiring, especially if your Engaged Pursuit involves starting your own gig. Even if you’re in a company, this book gives great advice on managing your own experience.

Coming-up next time: I’m really excited to share with you my insights for 2019. A culmination of “What I’m seeing out there,” I’ll share with you the biggest take-aways from the year, as well as my predictions for 2020. You won’t want to miss this!

Here’s to your Engaged Pursuit!

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